The Nehemiah Program is leading the charge in bringing renewed people, renewed places, and new partnerships to assist the families and communities in Ferguson and North St. Louis County through it's Ferguson and North St. Louis County Renewal and Transformation Plan.  Find out how to join this movement and help give the recent unrest in Ferguson and across St. Louis a perfect ending.  Call us for more details at 314-249-3417.


The mission of the Nehemiah Program is to see that more affordable housing becomes a reality particularly in the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan area, and through its housing programs bring about improved economic opportunities for its residents and the communities in which they exist.

Since our inception in April 2011, we have become one of the most highly successful cost-effective housing solutions in the region. This success is due to creative, innovative and new partnerships that create a synergy for turning around lives and communities which are second to none.


Success is possible when stakeholders from every sector of a community comes together and leverage their time, talent, and resources. The Nehemiah Program is successful because we focus on people first, because we believe that everyone deserves a place to call home. Home represents so much more for people than a place to simply sleep. It represents access and independence. It represents the American Dream. However, many families believe that it is not within their reach.  Our wraparound supportive services ensure that both the families and the communities' housing achieves one result --success!

The Nehemiah Program has a strong neighborhood presence in the communities in which we work and remains apprised of the overall neighborhood strategic plans as it identifies and develops housing consistent to the overall neighborhood plans.


We are changing lives and inspiring those that need us most with the gift of freedom through the path of homeownership! We give hope, we revive dreams and transform neighborhoods simultaneously. Join our team by volunteering or giving, and help us save some of our communities most vunerable lives!

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