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The Nehemiah Program is addressing the critical need for affordable housing!


We strive to create housing that sets a standard of excellence for other housing developers.  We’re working hard to ensure that our uncompromising quality, stylish-settings and the latest amenities is redefining affordable housing for others in our field.  We are able to achieve this standard because of our focused effort and stewardship of human capital, financial capital, and other resources that maximize every investment.  


From engaging volunteers to our development plans, property management, and design teams—we are creating one of the most cost-effective housing programs for turning around some of our most challenged  communities.


We're not just saving communities, we're impacting lives. Nehemiah is making housing and even home ownership a reality for some of our most vulnerable citizens.  Our homes are serving veterans, seniors, or simply people who have low-to-moderate incomes.  We believe that no matter the situation, everyone deserves not just a house but a place that they are proud to call home.  


"Everyone deserves to have a place called home!"

Vivian Dudley, Executive Director

Who We Are

About Us

Core Vaules

Since our inception, The Nehemiah Program has been committed to developing affordable, program-enriched housing for low-to-moderate income families, people with special needs, or those who simply lack the skills, supports, or economic resources to access quality, safe housing on their own. Regardless of the geographic area and population being served, each of the homes and communities we develop are built with an unwavering commitment to the following core values:


  • We are committed to building healthy, vibrant and safe neighborhoods by providing quality housing that exceed local housing standards;

  • We strive to put the highest possible quality in every home and every community;

  • We manage and maintain our properties to a standard that will always be a source of pride to the residents, the neighborhood and our values;

  • We work to attract leadership that embrace these values and has the creative vision to make this a reality for all;

  • We work hard to ensure that each of our properties is a testament to the dedication, creativity and talents of our whole team;

  • Our value added partnerships enable us to produce one of the most cost-effective housing programs in the region in an effort to pass this savings on to our end-users;

  • Ethical and moral standards are fundamental to our non-profit corporate life;

  • Respect, dignity, fairness and honesty are essential in all our relationships;

  • We recognize and value the countless hours of service our volunteers, local businesses, diverse Board, and donors provide and their dedication in articulating our mission to the broader community.



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