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The Nehemiah Program | 333 N. Florissant Rd. | Ferguson, Missouri 63135 | 314.495-5773

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During our initial stages beginning in 2011, The Nehemiah Program offered homeless and near homeless men and women temporary housing and wraparound supportive services.  These services ranged from free rental assistance for one year, subsidized rent in our rental housing and home ownership opportunities for individuals and families with barriers that reduced or completely ameliorated them for acquiring housing through traditional channels i.e. bad credit, past evictions, low-income, or no credit history. Through this program, we served over 200 individuals and families with children providing them their basic need for a place to call home!

As the epidemic of drug abuse swept our country and Missouri became one of the hardest hit states with substance abuse and opiate-related addictions and deaths, we met this challenge quickly by creating The Greater House, which was Recovery Housing particularly for people who were in or seeking recovery and needed housing during their treatment.  The Nehemiah Program created 5 scattered site Recovery Houses for men and women that housed 41 people at a time and throughout it's existence provided housing, employment assistance,  family reunification, spiritual counseling, transportation, and mental health services for over 1500 individuals.


In 2009, Nehemiah's headquarters was located in the heart of Ferguson which was ground zero for the realization of the level of racial inequalities in our country with the death of Michael Brown.  During this unrest, many lives were touched and forever changed by this negative event.  We invite you to listen in on how The Nehemiah Program was able to do good things in spite of the many challenges we faced during


  The family of Jamela Brown, the 9 year old who was killed by a stray bullet in Ferguson while on her bed doing homework shortly after the uprising of violence after the death of Michael Brown, --has a new start in their new residence as they move towards home ownership and renewed hope.  Please listen at the video of The Nehemiah Program seeking to bring hope to families and  distressed neighborhoods of St. Louis and turning tragedies into triumph .

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