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Christmas is a season for givng and  
We appreciate you helping us 

We've been providing rapid rehousing solutions through our transitional shelter and single family homes for the many vulnerable low-income, homeless and near-homeless St. Louis families over the last 5 years.  Since our inception, just over 200 individuals and families now have a place to call home.  


We know there are many causes competing for your attention, and helping someone get a home may sound monumental.  But your gift no matter how big or small goes a long way with the Nehemiah Program because:

  • 99% of our homes are donated to us

  • 45% of our building materials are provided as donations, as well, and

  • An unprecedented amount of volunteers provide volunteer labor to renovate our homes


So The Nehemiah Program is a non-profit organization you can trust.  


Within you lies the gift to change the life and perhaps future of a family that has no place to call home.  Consider being their hero!  Keep in mind, your gift is tax deductible and no gift is too small.  If you've always yearned to make a difference and leave your indelible mark on earth, we humbly solicit your support.  Just click the donate button above and help change a life and perhaps a future!  Besides everyone deserves a place to call home.  

Thank you in advance for your help and we wish you a prosperous 2017!


God bless,

Vivian Dudley

Vivian Dudley

Executive Director




Most kids wish lists are filled with toys,

these kids only wish is a place to call home

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Won't You Be Their Hero!

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