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Programs & Services


The Nehemiah Program offers properties for sale in Missouri, Texas, and Florida.   Our portfolio of properties consist of condominiums, multi-family units, and single family homes.  Since the clients we serve often have barriers to home ownership, we have created strategic partnerships with local banks and agencies that have financing products and services specifically designed to help move our clients on a continuum to home ownership.   



Board of Directors

Adrienne Rainey

Board Chairman

Faith Church St. Louis


Robert Dudley

Vice Chairman

Crystal Clear Cleaning Corporation


Jeremy Killmer


Accounting One


Dwandra Palmer


Harris Cab Company


Angela Casimere

General Member

St. Patricks Center - St. Louis


Rio McGee

General Member

St. Louis City Business Owner


Gerry Clark

General Member

Progressive Business Equipment


Charmin McGee

General Member

Jennings Senior High School





Karl Kloster

Retired President

McCarthy Construction


Alderman Frank Williamson


West End Neighborhood


Eric Thomas


State Farm Insurance


Brian A. Murphy

Founder and President

BAM Construction


Gabe Bagdasarov


Gateway Productions


Vivian Dudley

Executive Director




The Nehemiah Program also has developed a lease purchase program whereas clients can receive wraparound supportive services as they prepare for home ownership.  Short term leases enable these clients to occupy quality, safe, and affordable housing while they build their home ownership skills and assets and a portion of their lease is being contributed to the purchase of their home.  


THE NEHEMIAH PROGRAM provides group transitional housing and scattered site single- and multi-family transitional rental housing to individuals and families not yet prepared for home ownership with wraparound supportive services that help move these individuals on to home ownership, as well.  


This consists of individuals who: 1) have unstable and very low incomes, 2) live on $600-$950 a month or less due to disabilities, 3) need a better understanding of the buying/ renting processes and responsibilities or 4) even with adequate income need credit repair or other support to be able to successful in permanent housing.  





The Nehemiah Program’s expertise in affordable housing development is becoming widely recognized as one of the most innovative, cost effective housing providers in the region. Our commitment to Affordable Housing is creating housing opportunities that was once never available or obtainable for a broad range of residents from diverse social and economic backgrounds. We specifically target low- and moderate-income eligible families who are challenged to obtain housing through traditional means. 



We focus on developing housing opportunities through 3 major platforms:


Each of our programs have their own qualification and application process. If you would like additional information regarding our programs, please give us a call. When you call, our caring staff can further answer questions regarding eligibility, availability, waiting lists, the application requirements, or provide you further contact information for each of our markets and services. 

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